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  • Arctic Char: Exotic •  Vigorous • Delicate • Delicious

    Arctic Char: Exotic • Vigorous • Delicate • Delicious

  • Chefs Love Arctic Char!

    Preparing Fresh Arctic Char

  • Fresh Arctic Char Fillets

    Fresh Arctic Char Fillets

Welcome to Cascade Aqua Farms!

Chefs Love Fresh Arctic Char

Chefs Love Fresh Arctic Char

Cascade Aqua Farms is an eco-friendly company that has been maintaining sustainable aquaculture practices in Washington State since 1980. We have the perfect conditions for producing Arctic Char, using the natural icy cold water from snowmelt high in the Cascade Mountains. We have also developed an ideal system for raising consistently strong, healthy fish, and delivering them fresh, all year round, to wholesale suppliers across the country.

Arctic Char: Exotic Member of the Salmon Family

The Arctic char is a fish of magical beauty. Its range of colors includes gray or blue on its back, and anything from silvery white to a bright, glowing red on its belly.

Wild Char and civilization rarely mix. The search for wild Arctic Char invariably takes anglers to the most remote parts of the northern hemisphere in Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Siberia.

Though often compared with salmon or trout, Arctic Char is a distinctly unique fish, with delicate, light pink flesh. Its succulent texture is very tender and has an elegant, mildly sweet flavor. It consistently receives rave reviews from those who try it.

Arctic Char is extremely sensitive to its environment and can only survive in unspoiled, naturally cold water.

Since our fish are raised in pristine snowmelt water, it is safe to consume raw. Our Char is excellent in sashimi, because of its texture, but equally impressive grilled, baked, seared, poached or smoked.

Chefs and Gourmets Agree: Arctic Char is Delicious!

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